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Dear Staff, Families, and Patrons:

We have had questions about the specifics of wearing facial coverings in the Kellogg School District. We wanted to make sure your questions are answered. Therefore, you'll find attached the document which defines it better for everyone. I hope you'll find it helpful as it coordinates with the new Panhandle Health District's 4 Levels of Covid-19 Risk. As of today, our community is in the ORANGE stage and if school were to open today, we would be in our Back to School Plan of yellow. As Panhandle Health District evaluates the changes in our community, we will respond accordingly. We will publish on our social media pages and web pages where we are so that you will know.

This document helps define the Panhandle Health District's Levels of Covid-19 Risk and the wearing of facial coverings for the Kellogg School District. These guidelines have been written in coordination with medical professionals, administration, staff and patrons along with Idaho's Back to School Plan and Panhandle Health District's advice which coincides with the CDC Guidelines. Please follow the links below.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. I appreciate your patience and courtesy to our staff--they too care about your children and our success with going back to school.


Nancy J. Larsen

Copy of KSD Facial Coverings Implementation Guidance.pdf
8-6-20 Message to Parents.mp4

A message regarding KSD's Back to School plan.

The plan is linked above.

Approved by the Board at May 13, 2020 Meeting

Pancake Breakfast KHS 2020.pdf

KHS Class of 2020 Pancake Breakfast

5-12-20 EOY Plan for KSD approved by PHD.pdf

Panhandle Health Authorization for EoY Plan

Approved by PHD Kellogg SD Grad Plan 2020.pdf

Graduation Plan

Grading Resolution 200513.pdf

Grading Resolution


Substitute Ad

Upates on School Funding Forumula

Funding formula meeting Sept 24 2018.pdf
180718_psff_Idaho Brief.pdf

As required by Idaho SB1108, a list of Professional Liability Insurance Providers must be provided to all KSD 391 employees. Acknowledgement of the receipt of this list must be document through the form on the Documents page of our site:

  • click Here (or click the Documents link in the left menu)

  • find PLIPReceiptForm.pdf and click view

  • click the link on that form to download the list (MS Excel format)

  • print PLIPReceiptForm.pdf

  • sign and date the form

  • returned the signed and dated form to the District Office

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In compliance with the U. S. Office of Civil Rights Guidelines regarding Title VI, of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Kellogg School District guarantees access to all classes, programs, activities and services without regard to race, color, gender, handicap or national origin.