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The Mission of the Kellogg School District, in a partnership of students, parents, educators and community is to ensure a safe, nurturing environment where people are challenged to achieve:


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Safe School Hotline

School District #391 is dedicated to providing safe schools for students to attend. With this objective in mind, the school district has contracted with Security Voice to provide a toll-free hotline to students, staff and patrons to assist the school district in dealing with threats to student safety and to alert them to other illegal activities that threaten the school in any way.

By calling 1-800-418-5432, x359, students, teachers, support staff, parents, administrators and community members can anonymously advise the school district of information concerning any situation that may threaten the safety or health of our students. Threats of violence, theft, drug or alcohol abuse, sexual harassment and weapons possession all jeopardize students safety and should be reported.

The information supplied to Security Voice is transcribed and sent back to the school. This information then triggers an investigation of the report. After three school days, the informant can recall the toll-free number. If additional information is requests of the informant, Security Voice will ask for that information at that time. If there are no more questions, this could mean the school feels they have adequate information to proceed or the matter has been fully investigated.

Snow Closure 

The transportation supervisor will inspect roads early in the morning to determine if a significant safety hazard exits for students. The supervisor reports to the superintendent between approximately 5:00 and 5:30 am.

After receiving the recommendation from the transportation supervisor, the superintendent will decide whether schools need to be closed or delayed opening.

If a delay of opening or closure is determined, the superintendent will then contact the media, building administrators and department supervisors. The superintendent will also change the school closure line (208-786-2071) message to "All Schools in District 391 are closed today". Students and staff should wait until after 5:30am to call the closure hotline sod the superintendent is able to access the line to make the change.

Later in the morning, the closure notice will be listed on a banner on the school district website: http://www.ksd391.org

Snow Closure Hotline:  208-786-2071

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