Classified Vacancies

Classified Vacancies

Please note: There are general classified listings posted. If you are interested in creating an application to have on file until a specific position becomes available, please use one of these general listings. Once a specific position has been posted, you will be required to attach the existing application to the specific job opening in order to be considered. If you have questions regarding this process, please call Megan Bumgardner at 208-784-1348

All paraeducator applicants must already have one of the following to be considered Highly Qualified:

  1. An Associated Degree or higher

  2. 32 credits earned in core classes

  3. Have passed the Praxis test.

Please Note:

Applicants claiming Veteran's Preference must submit a letter of intent to the Human Resources Department or each vacancy of interest. The letter of intent must specify that Veteran's Preference is being claimed.

The letter of intent is available through:

  • School District 391 Office located at 800 Bunker Avenue or

  • Human Resources Department website (folder at left - pol400_1_Form.pdf)

If you have questions regarding the application process, contact the Human Resources Department at 208-784-1348.

The classified salary schedule can be found in the folder at left.