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Request for Proposals

“Stormwater Goes to School” Design and Construction Administration

Response Due by February 10, 2023 2:00PM

Kellogg School District (KSD) is requesting proposals from qualified engineering firms with established experience in providing stormwater treatment designs specifically directed at phosphorus removal. KSD has received funding from the Leading Idaho Phosphorus Reduction Program and the selected firm will be expected to work closely with IDEQ for coordination of project funds and construction standards. A firm that has a working relationship with IDEQ is preferred. The project will include:

  • Survey of the area and assessment of existing treatment, if any

  • Coordination with KSD on alternate design options

  • Creating a full design package including bidding documents for construction

  • Administer construction contract and quality inspections

  • Reporting, as required, by IDEQ for the funding program

The selected firm must demonstrate the ability to provide most of the services required and clearly identify those services which will need to be provided by the sub-consultant. KSD will select a consultant on a qualification-based criterion for the services provided.

Sealed proposals will be received until 2:00PM on Friday, February 10th, 2023, at the district office 800 Bunker Ave. Kellogg, ID 83837 or by email to Clerk of the Board Megan Bumgardner ( Proposals received after that time will not be opened or returned to the sender.

Prospective proposers can examine the solicitation documents at or can be picked up at the District Office at 800 Bunker Ave. Kellogg, ID 83837.

Financial Information